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Charges The following will determine the charges for a booking:
Type of function In general there are 2 types of functions: Weddings and 7 o'Clock functions.

A Wedding will include the following

  • A week or so in advance the couple will visit us for approximately 1 hour. In that time we'll discuss the flow of the evening and the music needed. Normally you will need a song on arrival at the reception after the photo shoot as well as a song to open the dance floor. If you have any special requests for the evening you can ask for it at this time.
  • The couple will receive a complimentary CD after the wedding. They need to give a list of at least 20 songs for the CD and 2 good quality wedding photos for the cover and the label. This can be done via email. The responsibility is on the couple to return after the wedding for the CD.
Ceremonies at weddings If you need a PA system for your ceremony it can be provided at an additional cost.
Long Distances - Travel costs If the function is more than 50km from Durbanville, travelling and/or accommodation costs will be added
Deposit Select Mobile Sounds do formal quotes which are valid for 2 weeks. If the deposit is not paid by then the booking is not final and the prices may change. Once the deposit is paid the costs will not change.
Cash All payments must be made in cash.

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