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Equipment Used

The possibility of mechanical failure is something we have to live with every day. Select Mobile Sounds use Top quality equipment to ensure an excellent sound and reliabilty. Backup equipment is essential.

Sound Equipment:
Amplifier:QSC USA 900
Mixer:American Audio MX 1400 DSP
CD/Media Players:2x American Audio Radius 3000 USB/MP3/Audio Player, Pioneer CDJ200 MP3/Audio Player
Speakers:4x Eminence Delta 15" 400W RMS
with Motorola tweaters
Microphones:1x Sure Cordless and 1x Sure Cord microphone
The Mixer and CD/Media Players are built into a console for a neater and more professional look.
The colours of the Disco setup are mostly black, white and silver.

40cm Mirror Ball with 2 spots
Acme Tango Lighting Effect
Black light

@ 2010 Jeán Damant